Melbourne - Black Harmony Forum & Black Harmony Gathering 2014

In March 2014 the annual Black Harmony Gatheringa colourful and vibrant celebration of local Koorie and emerging refugee cultures under the gum trees by the Yarra River, in the heart of Wurundjeri land.

Also the Black Harmony Forum - from Convicts to Boat People: Colonisation, Migration and Historical Hypocrisy.

These events will be held during Cultural Diversity Week (15-23 March 2014), the Black Harmony Forum embraces the principles of reconciliation, diversity, social inclusion, respect and the breaking down of racism. With a strong commitment to respecting indigenous beliefs, values and customs, people of all cultures are invited meet, learn from each other and build a future together.

How the High Court Australia Conspire to deny Aborigines Australia to be heard on Treaty Matters:

James Anaya. UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
James Anaya.
UN Special Rapporteur on the
Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Petition to UN Rapporteur

A High Court challenge has been lodged but there is a collusion to pervert the Australian Constitution and the Crimes Act - The collusion of the Commonwealth and its judiciary (state and federal) to deny a Treaty with the First Nations Peoples of Australia, is to perpetuate a crime of Genocide on false pretense of Terra Nullius.

This Quasi-Judicial collusion is the attempt to break and pervert every Treaty with the United Nations, Treaties on Indigenous, Refugees and Immigrants, and their local laws Charter for Human Rights and Responsibilities Act (VIC) 2006, and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act (Cth) 1986 ...

Another stolen generation crisis looming in Victoria

Victoria's Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People says the state may soon have another "stolen generation" because of the high number of Aboriginal children being removed from their families and placed into care.

The rate of Aboriginal child removal in Victoria exceeds levels seen at any time since white settlement. 10 out of 13 young women, who had been sexually assaulted when in the care of their families were subsequently raped or sexually abused by co-residents or sexually exploited by external parties.

Aboriginal shareholders 'driven off land' by rising rents in remote Lake Tyers community

Aboriginal shareholder-owners of Victoria's remote Lake Tyers community say they are being driven off their land, because even though they collectively own the freehold property, they are being charged what they say are ever-increasing rents.

Some have been threatened with being kicked out, but others have already been evicted.

Wilfred Carter, a life-long resident whose father fought for what became, in 1971, one of the first land rights agreements in Australia, was charged with trespassing in his own house after he found it too difficult to pay the rent charged by the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust.

Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner Monument Campaign and 2014 Commemoration Date

Support the fight for Freedom Fighters Memorial
The Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner Commemoration Committee requests Melbourne residents to help fill the public gallery to demonstrate to the Melbourne City Councillors that there is significant public support for the campaign for a significant public monument.

The meeting will be held at 5:30pm, on Tuesday 17th December at Council Chamber, Level 2, Melbourne Town Hall (corner Swanston and Collins St).

2014 Commemoration Ceremony Date
The Annual Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, Freedom Fighters Commemoration will be held on 20th January 2014 at 12:00noon - Cnr Bowen & Franklin Sts Melbourne

This is the war that made the nation: historian Henry Reynolds

The upcoming centenary of the landing at Gallipoli is a reminder of unfinished business between settler and Indigenous Australia after a decade of incomplete reconciliation, writes Henry Reynolds in this extract from new book.

As we advance further into the twenty-first century, the relative importance of our involvement in the two world wars and the following cold war will diminish as they lose their pre-eminent place in global history. The central story in the new century will increasingly be seen to have been the linked histories of imperialism and decolonisation, which were preparing the way for the great shifts in power and wealth currently underway. And in that story the relationship between European settlers and Indigenous Australians will become increasingly important.

Genocide in Australia: Crimes against Australias First Nations peoples

Australia's Genocide Record

The genocidal practices perpetrated against Australian Aborigines were the outcome of policies adopted and implemented by all Australian governments from British settlement in 1788 until the present. A people who had virtually no contact with the outside world, were suddenly confronted with a hostile and alien force. Aborigines were forced out of their traditional homes, hunted like wild animals, poisoned or shot, and confined to the harshest and most desolate climes. The effect of British settlement upon these people led to near extinction within 120 years.

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies has published a report detailing this history. Entitled Genocide in Australia, it was written by Professor Colin Tatz, director of the Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies at Sydney's Macquarie University.

Freedom Flotilla prepares for the last leg of the journey to West Papua

Freedom Flotilla participants visited the Australian Customs Office on Thursday Island yesterday to inform them of the groups next undertakings and ask customs to pass on their request for safe passage to West Papua to the Australian government.

Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott said before visiting the customs office, "We are exerting our ancient authority for this journey. The Australian government and Indonesian government are refusing to accept our original national passport why should we accept theirs? We are from an ancient time before these border were created, when we were one people.”

West Papua: First Nations 'sovereign authority' re-asserted

Foreign minister Bob Carr has made it clear that Australia would entirely abandon the activists on the Freedom Flotilla protest boats if they are caught and tried by either Papua New Guinea or Indonesia for 'illegally' entering their territory.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, First Nations activist Robbie Thorpe, on behalf of the Freedom Flotilla, reasserted the group's "sovereign authority to issue Original Nations Passports".

The Freedom Flotilla is sailing from Queensland to West Papua.

Aboriginal Passports Grant Authority for Cultural Reunion

The Australian Government is supporting military intervention against the Freedom Flotilla, with Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesperson Julie Bishop going further and endorsing 'any means' to suppress the flotilla, while the Indonesian Minister Djoko Suyanto prepares to deploy airforce and naval response against the group.

A group of Aboriginal Elders reasserted their sovereign authority to issue Original Nations Passports to Freedom Flotilla participants and travel peacefully to West Papua. All Freedom Flotilla participants are traveling with Australian Original Nations Passports and West Papuan visa stamps issued by West Papuan political leaders.