Brisbane Tent Embassy - stand by Sovereignty

Protestors at an Aboriginal Tent Embassy are preparing to stand their ground despite being evicted from an inner-Brisbane park.

The "Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy" has been set up in Musgrave Park in South Brisbane for more than two months with permission from Brisbane City Council.

Embassy member Boe Spearim says he and other protesters were given a 12 hour eviction notice on Monday afternoon, which is due to expire early Tuesday.

Walmadan Tent Embassy faces 150 police

150 police have travelled over 2,000 kilometers to boost the local police force to push mining equipment onto the sacred Walmadan site, even though it is widely understood that some of the joint venture partners would prefer an alternative solution.

Bedfellows, the WA Premier Colin Barnett and Woodside Petroleum continue their push to destroy the Walmaden (James Price Point) site which is highly significant both culturally and environmentally.

Originals are bolstered by other concerned Australians but they were outnumbered by this outrageous waste of public money.

Originals say asylum seekers are welcome

Robbie Thorpe - Image 2011

Treaty Republic's Robbie Thorpe says two Tamil detainees will be given "Original Nation Passports" at the detention centre on Monday afternoon as a symbolic welcome to the country.

"The Australian Government has no legitimate right to grant or refuse entry to anyone in this country, let alone lock up people fleeing war and persecution," Mr Thorpe says.

"We are issuing passports to these men because it's what any reasonable, humane society would do," he said "We expect these men to be responsive to traditional law ...

Police and state allow drug trafficking into Aboriginal communities

Michael Anerson at Tent Embassy (Tracker)
Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson, interim spokesperson for 'Sovereign Union' states in a media release that is very clear that the drug traffickers are targeting Aboriginal communities in various parts of Australia, and there is a lack of real interest by the state police. Instead of rigorous police investigations many communities find that the police are targeting and harassing them instead of the perpetrators.

Mr Anderson said that police and state officials appear to be only too happy that Aboriginal communities are being targeted by the drug trade in order to maintain the impression that communities are dysfunctional and therefore need intervention.

Malcolm Fraser joins fight to save ancient Pilbara rock art

The already wealthy cowboys in the west are still clambering over each other to sell off every last gram of the minerals on sacred land, bulldozing and blowing up ancient rock art in the process.

Malcolm Fraser has now backed a global campaign against the destruction of the rock art. He said the WA government had been wrong to allow industrial works there and the mistake will be compounded by allowing a gas plant.

Pilbara elders have called for a campaign to ensure the Murujuga site is placed on the UNESCO Wold Heritage List.

"While tinpot WA mining outfits such as FMG Resources typically employ grubby characters such as Burke and Grill to ensure they can build railways through heritage-protected sites, higher up the corporate food chain, companies such as Woodside keep their lobbying in-house by simply hiring former politicians and bureaucrats."

Catholic bishops: 'Stronger' futures or 'Stolen' futures?

On the brink of Macklin's 'Stronger Futures' racist laws clearing the upper house, Australia's Catholic bishops Conference (ACBC) and Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) have come out with a press release urging the Senate to block draft legislation to extend the Northern Territory intervention in the 'Originals' communities.

"We need to listen to the Aboriginal people," Archbishop Philip Wilson said in a statement on Monday, "they are asking for their rights as human beings and citizens of this country to be respected." - Article and Bishops Media Release transcript ...

Intervention-style threat for neglected community

Toomelah, a small community near the New South Wales - Queensland border faces an uncertain future.

A Quarter of a century after Marcus Einfeld wept at the sight of Toomelah's children playing in raw sewage, the community has been told it must accept an intervention-style takeover or face the demolition of the township and relocation of residents.

Toomelah was in the national spotlight in 1987 when Mr Einfeld's human rights commission inquiry found 500 people were sharing one tap.

Musicians rally against racist 'Stronger Futures' proposals

Australian musicians Paul Kelly, Neil Murray and Archie Roach have joined Northern Territory Aboriginal leaders in rallying against the federal government's Stronger Futures Laws.

At a memorial concert for Jimmy Little, they dedicated the 'Blackfella Whitefella' song to the "Stand for Freedom campaign" which opposes the Federal Government's Stronger Futures laws.

The laws continue the former Howard Government's Northern Territory intervention introduced in 2007 to address violence and alcohol abuse in Aboriginal communities.

Queensland's New 'Stolen Generation' Rally - Sovereign Embassy supports father

Aboriginal people and their supporters held a rally and march in Brisbane on Wednesday 2nd May to highlight the continued genocidal practice of removing large numbers of Aboriginal children from their families and their culture.

Just last year 13,433 Aboriginal kids were taken in Queensland. In last couple of weeks a thirteen year old girl was killed after being chased by police because she was trying to get back to her family and a 3 year old boy was fatally run over by a truck, both after being removed from their homes, kids that would still be alive today if they hadn't been stolen.

pdfQueensland Child Protection Act 1999 Reprinted as in force on 1st January 2012
 Queensland makes 'new stolen generation' Treaty Republic archives
 The new stolen generation: Rudd's pledge he couldn't keep Treaty Republic archives

Gomeroi activism stops Woolworths in Moree as Aboriginal nations mobilise across Australia

Woolworths are withdrawing because of the Gomeroi's steadfast opposition to the store's expansion, which would have seen a significant Gomeroi cultural site, where human remains have been located, totally disturbed and possibly destroyed.

Aboriginal sovereign nations are mobilising and on 24 May 2012 an interim Aboriginal National Unity Government will be announced.

Our people are now seeing through the imposed Aboriginal leadership and are now taking things into their own hands with their own hopes and aspirations ... writes Michael Anderson ...