Victorian Aboriginal Massacres

Treaty Republic is building 'Australian Massacre Maps' state by state - and we hope that readers will share their knowledge to make this as comprehensive as possible. Although there is recorded proof of thousands of massacres across the country only a fraction of the slaughters were recorded because technically it was a hanging offence. Burning the bodies, vast distances and racist government officials made it easy for the settlers. We are currently working on all states but are more advanced with the Victorian Massacre Map.

Should we alter our Constitution to recognise Indigenous Australians?

Constitution changes

Further to the investigations on the federal government proposal to add Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander human rights issues, because that is what they are and mean, to the Australian Constitution the following pieces are offered.

Contributions by Helen Irving, Professor of Law at Sydney University and specialising in Constitutional Law, Bev Manton, Chair of the NSW Land Council, Professor Judith Dwyer of Flinders University Health Care Management and Professor Pat Dodson, Director, UNSW Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Research Unit. - Compiled by Ray Jackson.

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Paul Keating - The Redfern Address

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The Keating Redfern Address
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AUDIO Audio file  ABC/AWAYE! program: Paul Keating's Redfern Speech and comments   mp3 file Incl. comments by Indigenous dignitaries & speech author

On December 10, 1992. The Hon. Paul Keating Prime Minister of Australia gave this address in Redfern NSW to launch the International Year of the World's Indigenous People.

"... Isn't it reasonable to say that if we can build a prosperous and remarkably harmonious multicultural society in Australia, surely we can find just solutions to the problems which beset the first Australians - the people to whom the most injustice has been done.
And, as I say, the starting point might be to recognise that the problem starts with us non-Aboriginal Australians.

Indigenous Anzacs need recognition and closure

... 'Our Aboriginal men and women who fought overseas came back here to this country and didn't get the recognition their white counterparts got for their services,' says Mort Hansen, a Noongar elder.

Prior to the end of the Vietnam War, Aborigines who fought for their country came back to much the same discrimination as before. Many were barred from RSL clubs, and most were not allowed the right to vote. Nor were Aboriginal people included in the census until 1967.

'Aborigines when volunteering to serve for this country had to sign a document to deny their aboriginality ...

Aboriginal struggle like those in China and Iran

Michael Anderson, a New South Wales activist likens the struggle for Australian Aboriginal rights to the uprisings to win freedom in China and Iran.

"The repressive and discriminatory laws that we are subject to here in Australia would not be tolerated anywhere else in the free world," Michael Anderson writes in a media release.

Mr Michael Anderson is the last survivor of the four young Black Power men who set up the Aboriginal embassy in Canberra in 1972. He leads the 3,000 Euahlayi of northwest NSW.

He is calling Elders from across the country to a Summit in Canberra on 30th January and 1st February.

Statement by James Anay, the UN Special Rapporteur

Statement of the Special Rapporteur on the situation
of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, James Anaya,
as he concludes his visit to Australia

27 August 2009

Rascist Australia - Genocidal Atrocities Overview

An edited version of Australia's Secret Genicide History - By: Dr Gideon Polya

... The reality is that Australia has always been a deeply racist country and continues to be involved in genocidal atrocities. However in recent decades the racism has been covered over publicly by a thin veneer of political correctness. Australia has been involved in all post 1950 US Asian wars that have been associated with Indigenous Asian excess deaths totalling 25 million – yet in politically correct racist Australia, racial vilification and genocide is scarcely even considered.

In 2008 the Rudd Labor Government said "Sorry" to Indigenous Australians for the Stolen Generations (up to 0.1 million Aboriginal children forcible removed from their mothers) – but the Aboriginal genocide continues (9,000 Indigenous Australians die avoidably each year) and the Labor Government continues to apply race-based laws to Northern Territory Aborigines who are forbidden to see, buy, sell, read, consume or transport things that all other Australians can. They have also been removed in a race-specific way from the protection of the anti-racism 1975 Racial Discrimination Act; and can be kicked out of their homes and Homelands without any legal recourse.

... Further, in assessing deaths from particular policies of invasion, occupation and dispossession one notes that deaths can be violent from bombs and bullets, or non-violent, from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease. All of which are avoidable deaths.

Australian Genicide History
The below catalogue of Australian involvement in Genocide as defined by the UN Genocide Convention – and notably in British and American-imposed genocides - is given in roughly chronological order from 1788, the year of European Invasion and First Settlement, to 2008.

1. 18th -19th century Aboriginal Genocide (the Indigenous Aboriginal population dropped from about 1 million to 0.1 million in the first century after invasion in 1788).

2. Tasmanian Aboriginal Genocide (the "full-blood" Indigenous population dropped from 6,000 to zero from 1776 to 1803.

3. British Indian Genocide (post-invasion excess deaths 0.6 billion, 1757-1837; 0.5 billion, 1837-1901 under Queen Victoria; 0.4 Billion, 1901-1947.

4. European Chinese Genocide (10-100 million deaths in the European imperialism-driven Tai Ping rebellion period; Australia was involved in suppressing the Boxer rebellion).

5. Maori Genocide (Maori population dropped from 0.1-0.2 million in 1800 to 42,000 in 1893; Australia was involved in the 19th century Maori wars).

6. African Genocide (scores of million perished over 5 centuries of European slavery and colonialism; Australians participated in the Sudan War, 1881-1898).

7. Pacific Genocide (there was a catastrophic population decline due to introduced disease and slavery; thus 40,000 Fijians died from measles out of a population of 150,000 in 1876; "blackbirding" slavery was conducted by Australians in the late 19th century).

8. Boer (Afrikaaner) Genocide (1899-1902; 28,000 Afrikaaner women and children died in British concentration camps; Australians participated in the Boer War as immortalized in the movie "Breaker Morant").

9. Armenian Genocide (1.5 million killed; the Australian invasion of Gallipoli as part of an Anglo-French force in 1915 helped to precipitate this atrocity; indeed April 24 is Armenian Genocide Day and April 25 is the day of the Australia invasion in 1915 and also a sacred war dead remembrance day for Australians and New Zealanders – it is called Anzac Day after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) which stormed ashore on that first Anzac Day at Gallipoli in 1915).

10. Bengali Genocide (6-7 million perished in the "forgotten" man-made Bengal Famine atrocity in Bengal and adjoining provinces in British India, 1943-1945; Australians were there and indeed the Governor of Bengal in 1944 was an Australian, R.G. Casey).

11. British post-1950 Third World Genocide (1950-2005 excess deaths in countries subject to British occupation as a major occupier in the post-war era totalled 727 million; Australia has the same Head of State as the UK and continues to be a loyal military ally of the UK in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan).

12. US post-1950 Third World Genocide (1950-2005 excess deaths in countries subject to US occupation as a major occupier in the post-war era totalled 82 million; Australia participated in all post-1950 US Asian Wars in Korea, Indo-China, Iraq and Afghanistan with Indigenous Asian excess deaths now totalling 25 million).

13. Australian Colonial Genocide (1950-2005 excess deaths in countries subject to Australian occupation as a major occupier in the post-war era, namely Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands totalled 2.1 million).

14. 20th century Aboriginal Genocide (total excess deaths clearly of the order of 1million; 0.1 million Stolen Generations Aboriginal children forcibly removed from their Mothers in the 19th and 20th centuries; excess deaths in the 11 years of the Bush-ite Coalition Government totalled 90,000 for 1996-2007).

The following Australian genocide involvements in this catalogue of horrors are ongoing.

15. Palestinian Genocide (post-1967 excess deaths 0.3 million, post-1967 under-5 infant deaths 0.2 million and 7 million refugees; with bi-partisan agreement Australia provides diplomatic, financial and haven support for Israeli state terrorism – even when directed against tens of thousands of Australian citizens as in Lebanon in mid-2006 - and up to life imprisonment for anyone giving support to the Hamas Party that overwhelmingly won the 2006 Occupied Palestinian elections).

16. Iraqi Genocide (4 million excess deaths 1990-2008; 2 million post-invasion excess deaths, 0.6 million post-invasion under-5 infant deaths and 4.5 million refugees; Australia militarily involved since 1990 ).

17. Afghan Genocide (3-7 million post-invasion excess deaths, 2.3 million post-invasion under-5 infant and 4 million refugees; Australia involved militarily since 2001).

18. Ongoing Aboriginal Genocide (9,000 excess deaths annually; 90,000 excess deaths in the last 11 years of Bush-ite Coalition rule; see MWC News).

19. Biofuel Genocide (16 million die avoidably each year but this is increasingly biofuel-impacted as the legislatively-mandated US, UK and EU biofuel perversion forces up global food prices; Australia is a major sugar cane grower and sugar exporter with 60% of sugar going to bioethanol production worldwide; Australia has biofuel-promoting legislation and is a major canola grower, this being a major source for biodiesel; see MWC News).

20. Climate Genocide (16 million die avoidably each year already from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease; Professor James Lovelock FRS says that over 6 million will perish this century die to unaddressed climate change; on a per capita basis Australia is among the very worst greenhouse gas (GHG) polluters – in terms of 2004 figures for "fossil fuel-derived annual per capita CO2 pollution" Australia is about 40 times worse than India and 160 times worse than Bangladesh if you include Australia's world number 1 coal exports; see MWC News).

Yet politically correct racist Australia steadfastly "looks the other way" and its past and present involvements in the above atrocities are overwhelmingly not reported by racist, lying, holocaust-ignoring Mainstream media nor taught in Australia's schools and universities. PC racist White Australia just cannot see the "Elephant in the room" – its continuing involvement in over 2 centuries of horrendous genocide.

Australians are trapped in an Orwellian dream - Australia will only stop doing it when it is informed that it is doing it. Please inform everyone you can.

An edited version of Australia's Secret Genicide History
By: Dr Gideon Polya BSc

Article edited by Bruce Skewes, Sub-editor of Treaty Republic

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Australian Aboriginal Genocide
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