Murray-Darling plan: Indigenous nations 'not consulted'

The chairman of the Northern Murray Darling Basin and delegate for 'Sovereign Union', Fred Hooper, says First Nations people were not consulted in the lead-up to the Murray-Darling Basin plan announcement.

"If you're a blackfella today you should be very disappointed in the announcement today and left out of the whole consultation process. The minister said that he spoke to the peak bodies last night. We're a peak body. We didn't get a call from the minister and we're being treated like mushrooms".

Fighting for justice when your skin's black

Illustration: John Spooner

Illustration: John Spooner

Arthur Murray was an Australian hero who spent his life pursuing the truth of his son's death in custody. But does anyone know his name?

Arthur Murray passed away recently but when John Pilger went to to Google Australia for tributes, and there was a 1991 obituary of an American ballroom instructor of the same name.

There was nothing in the Australian media. The Australian newspaper published a large, rictal image of its proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, handing out awards to his employees. Arthur would have understood the silence. - John Pilger writes

A brief history of recent Government attacks: Remote Indigenous Homelands, NT.

This is a story about the remote Indigenous Homelands in the NT and how successive governments have tried to shut them down.

There are approximately 60,000 Indigenous people that live in the NT with 100 Indigenous languages and dialects spoken, with many people speaking English as their third or fourth language.

This brief story outlines the withdrawing, rescinding and withholding of economic opportunities, social and political representation, basic services, basic civil rights, the widespread and sweeping measures that comprise the NT Intervention and more.

By Bree Blakeman, PhD student of Anthropology

F8CK! Another Death In Custody! From the NT ...

Another death of an Aboriginal man potentially involving police in the Northern Territory has sparked calls for an inquiry and urgent action to stop police harassment and brutality.

Mr E Lewis, a Warlpiri man living in Katherine, passed away shortly after being released from police custody on September 23.

Mr Lewis was a diabetic amputee, who was held in custody for more than 24 hours. He died in his sleep shortly after being released.

Family of Mr Lewis say there are many witnesses alleging he was treated roughly during his arrest, which occurred during a large card game in Katherine.

Donations needed to challenge sovereignty

Michael Anderson is calling for donations to fund a legal challenge to Australia’s sovereignty.

“The research for the statement of claim and evidentiary material has been concluded and it is now time to locate appropriate legal firms who would be interested in running this most important case," Mr Anderson wrote in a Media Release.

“We must put an end to all political and historical theories and bring this into the world of reality," he said. "We need to end speculating on the jurisdictional question and deal with what we argue is the legal and political reality of our continuing sovereignty.”

UN Security Council push shows up anger at home

Fed-up Indigenous Australians won't back country that won't recognise them.

When the United Nations votes next week on who should occupy two temporary seats on the Security Council, one group of Australians will be cheering for rivals Finland and Luxembourg.

The Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples believes Australia has no right to a seat, and has written to every accredited ambassador urging rejection of Canberra's bid.

The union, which advocates recognition of indigenous sovereign rights and the negotiation of a formal treaty, is at the sharp end of Aboriginal anger and impatience with successive governments. - New Zealand Herald Artcicle

Artist's dark mask over the past portrays Captain Cook as a crook

Jason Wing's artwork does not treat the English explorer credited with being the first European to land on Australia's east coast with reverence.

Wing understands the fate of the First Nations people has deteriorated since the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 and that "Racism and criminal behaviour by the Australian government is alive and well."

his sculpture is one of 37 artworks by Aboriginal artists that were installed yesterday in Macquarie Street as part of the 2012 Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize.

First Nations sovereignty movement asks UN to deny Australia a seat on the Security Council

Sovereign Union - First Nations Interim National Unity Government movement is asking the United Nations to deny Australia the seat on the Security Council it is seeking.

The Sovereign Union objections include; Australia is a colonial power which is not founded on a secure position of statehood, it is in breach of UN Conventions and still has no effective law against genocide.

Here are copies of the letters sent to all the ambassadors to the United Nations, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon and Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

With constitutional change deferred, it's time to negotiate a treaty

Michael Anderson

Deferment of constitutional change means politicians of all stripes and their "negative Aboriginal collaborators" must now face the truth and back calls for negotiating a treaty, writes sovereignty campaigner and 'Sovereign Union' spokesperson, Michael Ghillar Anderson.

He sees an opportunity "to focus on the real issues and not band-aid programs and objectives that serve to soothe rather than deal with the hard matters that Australia has to face up to".

Mr Anderson criticises Professor Patrick Dodson and other Aboriginal advisers to the government as "gutless". "This is why they are sought after by both sides of politics."

"It is sad that Professor Dodson and his conservative colleagues choose to give advice on what 'all' Aboriginals want as a future. They know full well that they do not have the authority to make such outrageous claims." It is well-known that Professor Dodson has always campaigned against any suggestions of continuing Aboriginal sovereignty, Mr. Anderson observes.

Coroner slams NT police over Kwementyaye Briscoe's death

Northern Territory Coroner Greg Cavanagh said some police who dealt with the man known since his death as Kwementyaye Briscoe were immature and utterly derelict in their duties.

The family have accused officers of "getting away with murder" after a recommendation by the Coroner that no charges be laid.

The Australian Council for Civil Liberties says there should be an independent inquiry into senior Northern Territory police, after another damning Aboriginal death in custody report.