Protests Recommence at Ballerrt Mooroop College

3rd May 2011

The Education Department is reinstalling the fencing around their proposed building site for GSS today. This will stop access to our cultural heritage areas and sites. Gary Murray, Spokesperson for the Broadmeadows Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group said, "This is an act of desecration and provocation - given the cultural heritage protection, discrimination and human rights issues are still unresolved."

In effect the Education Department will be fencing off the sacred Spirit Tree, the Ceremonial Grounds and the Gathering Place from all Traditional Owners and the community.

The Public Park will also be fenced off from Glenroy Residents. There will be a series of protests and gatherings at the school involving Traditional Owners and Residents starting today at 10:00am and continuing over the next few months.

There is also a master plan currently being finalised for the Ballerrt Mooroop College.

Ballerrt Mooroop College provides a curriculum, student well being and learning environment that offers focussed assistance and support to Koorie students primarily aged between 12 and 16.

Our priority is the academic, physical, social and emotional development of our students. This enables them to become successful and responsible members of their communities.

As a pathways college our aim is to create pathways into secondary colleges, further education, traineeships, apprenticeships and employment as appropriate for each student.

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