BMC Destruction - Support Group Update: August 24th

The picket line needs more support as the destruction continues and the workers push closer to the Cultural Area and Gathering Place.

There is a meeting with the Minister for Education, Martin Dixon expected this week but a well attended Blockade is needed to stop the builders moving closer to the Gathering Place and Sacred Area. We need to show our strength and resolve to the department whilst the builders destruction on the site gains momentum.

Throughout the last couple of weeks of the campaign supporters have been actively blockading and monitoring the site daily from 6:00am. Throughout this period some of the core group have even been camping in the 'Gathering Place' to ensure an early start. They are now organising a communal breakfast for all the dedicated supporters who arrive in the early hours of the day to support the cause.

Many of the dedicated supporters have young families to juggle at the same time as making these commitments on a daily basis, and for the last couple of weeks Gary Murray had a broken shoulder and was restricted due to continual pain and lack of sleep - 'Get well soon, Garry'.

The committed Blockade mob have needed to come and go due to educational project deadlines, employment, family commitments and temporary burn-outs. Nevertheless they have stayed strong and are demonstrating that they will not be broken.

Picket-Line - Blockade
The Front-Line still needs extra support from anyone who can spend some time to demonstrate that Melbourne Indigenous people and informed non-Indigenous people living on Wurundjeri land will not cave-in by the gross bullying and racism by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Don't forget to send Food, Firewood or Money to help those doing everything they can to hold onto this important land and facility.

Building workers are now bringing in materials and equipment to the site at the times during the day when the picket line is smaller - so people are also required at all times throughout the day.

Picket-Line Transport
There is transport available for some people living in Melbourne's northern suburbs - you can find out more about this on Facebook.

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